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The Jungle Book picture

Character mistake: During "The Bare Necessities", when Mowgli climbs onto his back, Baloo asks him to scratch his left shoulder; Mowgli then proceeds to scratch Baloo's right shoulder.

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Suggested correction: Mowgli starts with the left shoulder. After that he moves over the back when Baloo arches and ends up on the right shoulder.


Suggested correction: Mowgli has lived with wolves for God knows how long. Wolves wouldn't just teach him the difference between left and right when they could teach him how to feed himself. For this reason, Mowgli could get it wrong. Also, the bear could've muddled up his words without realizing as, again, it isn't necessary to know left and right.

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On the Town picture

Character mistake: In Frank Sinatra's scene in the taxi cab, when the girl is singing "Come Up to My Place," he rolls the cab window down and when he rolls it back up, he catches the front of his hair (the quiff) and has to roll the window back down to release it.

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Hairspray picture

Character mistake: When Tracy's mom enters Motormouth Maybelle's place she is surprised to see her daughter. When she calls to her she says, "Tracy Edna Turnband" instead of "Turnblad."

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Jack and the Beanstalk picture

Character mistake: When Jack offers to sell his cow to the butcher, the butcher says "There isn't much meat on him." Jack points out that the cow is a "her", but after the sale, he says to the cow, "Be a good boy."

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The Music Man picture

Character mistake: When Marian is correcting Amaryllis for the girls' poor grammar in saying "can I" instead of "may I" over the cross-hand piece, the girl then asks if she can go play that cross-hand piece and Marian replies, "now you can play your cross-hand piece."


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The Bullfighters picture

Character mistake: Laurel & Hardy's testimony sent Muldoon to prison. He was freed when the real criminal confessed. Muldoon vowed revenge. Five years later at a bullfight, Laurel is posing as a Spanish bullfighter, Don Sebastian. Muldoon recognizes him and points to him and mistakenly shouts, "That's Hardy - -and the other one is Laurel."

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Guys and Dolls picture

Character mistake: Sarah after speaking to Sky when they come back from Havana and the thugs leave from playing the crap game she goes in the Mission she reaches for the light string to turn off the light she doesn't ever get the string in her hand but the light goes off.

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