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Plot hole: One of the big sources of tension in the heist is the fact that they supposedly have a limited number of Pym particles, as stated by Scott Lang. So after the test run they only have enough for everyone to take one round trip through time. Cap and Tony use their return supply to go to 1970, which is why they needed to steal more particles to get back. However, Ant-Man's shrinking tech is also based on the Pym particles, and his shrinking suit seems to work without restriction in 2012. They also have enough to both shrink the Benetar in 2023 and re-grow it in 2014. So either Scott is mistaken about how many Pym particles he has, or he is lying about them. And before someone says they calculated the number of particles it would take for the shrinking during the mission before assigning them to the team members, Scott discusses the limited supply before they had any plan of what they were going to do in the past.

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Suggested correction: Shrinking for those more common actions would not eat up as many Pym particles as say, shrinking enough to go sub atomic, as well as controlling where you're going and doing time travel.

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Plot hole: How come the Extremis serum was able to regenerate Ellen Brandt's arm but not repair the scar on her face? According to the movie, the serum is supposed rewrite the body's genetic code and constantly repair damaged cells, so her face should have been restored to its original state, just like her missing arm. Even if she had been born with the scar the serum would have healed it, just like it healed all of Aldrich Killian's physical impairments. (00:51:40)

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Plot hole: The closest jump point to "C-53" aka Earth is 22 hours, a plot device needed for the Kree to catch up with Vers only for the third act. Yon-Rogg does not tell Ronan anything about the target (Earth), but Ronan still when called shows up with his fleet of battleships in mere minutes.

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