Best film noir movie visible crew/equipment of all time

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The Maltese Falcon picture

Visible crew/equipment: After the ship's captain delivers the Falcon to Sam Spade's office, he collapses on the leather sofa in the foreground. Just after Spade's secretary says, "Is he ...?", the shadow of someone's head passes over the sofa.

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The Big Sleep picture

Visible crew/equipment: Marlowe, Joe Brody and Agnes sit talking in Joe's apartment, Carol Lundgren rings the buzzer and Joe Brody answers the door. A small explosive charge is packed in an indentation on Joe Brody's door before the spot is blown out by Lundgren's shot. The same indentation can be seen again a few moments later as a small explosive is detonated when Lundgren shoots at Marlowe in the lobby of the building. (00:56:30)


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Key Largo picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the storm scene, there are two shots of the hotel from outside along the beach. In both instances, the wires holding the palm trees are visible.

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Shield for Murder picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the opening scene, Edmund O'Brien grabs a bookie, drags him down an alley, and around a corner. When they round the corner, the entire boom and mic cast a huge shadow against a stark white wall.

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Night and the City picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Fabian goes into his office after receiving the package, he closes the door and the rest of this shot is through the glass. The camera and its operator (with a white shirt) are visible on the right side.

manthabeat Premium member

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Niagara picture

Visible crew/equipment: George Loomis talks to Polly in the boat and looking outside the window it's easy to see that there's no island in front of them. A few shots later it's obvious that the island is superimposed on the falls. (01:21:15)


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This Gun For Hire picture

Visible crew/equipment: Towards the end of the fairground scene, as Michael and Ellen are walking to the right, and just before the cop tells them one of the stolen bills has been passed to the dress shop, the shadow of the boom microphone is visible across the brick wall in the background. (00:22:20)


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Double Indemnity picture

Visible crew/equipment: At the beginning, Walter is waiting for Mrs Dietrichson in the lounge, and as she is using her lipstick in the mirror you can see the shadow of some equipment sweep upwards (probably the boom mic) on the far left side of the screen. They are the only two people in the room. (00:09:48)

Jack Vaughan

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