Best fantasy movie audio problems of all time

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What Women Want picture

Audio problem: When Mel Gibson is writing the letter to Helen Hunt after the Nike deal is done, he closes the laptop part way and a clicking sound is heard even though he has already removed his hand from the laptop. However, the Powerbook G3 he's using doesn't click at half way. Then, at the next shot, a few seconds later, the laptop is closed but there was no clicking sound while the camera was looking at Helen, even though there should have been one.

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One Million Years B.C. picture

Audio problem: When Sakana has captured Loana the first time, Tumak is fighting Sakana for Loana. Tumak has stabbed Sakana with his spear and is about to kill him when Loana intervenes crying "Neh, Neh," while grabbing the spear and deflecting the final thrust. The defect is that Loana's last "Neh," is heard while her mouth is firmly closed.

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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is passing the train you can see a continuous trail of smoke issuing from the train. It is exiting from the train's whistle, meaning that there should be a continuous high pitched whistling noise, yet there is no such thing.

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Highlander picture

Audio problem: The sounds of the weapons being used in the movie are evidently inserted in most cases. Like 1) When MacLeod fights Fasil in the Madison Square Garden garage, he uses an iron bar to ward off the sword blows - the twin sounds in both impacts are exactly the same, but in the second instance, the bar is hit only once. 2) When MacLeod and Brenda are ambushed by Kurgan, MacLeod swings a cable or chain at Kurgan. The sounds are exactly like those of the swinging swords.

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Leprechaun picture

Audio problem: When Tori says "something was rubbing my leg" her mouth doesn't move in the shot when she says "my leg." (00:30:30)

Hamster Premium member

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Little Nicky picture

Audio problem: When the demon pulls the devil's pinky off a demon says "gross" but his mouth never moves. (00:12:45)

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The Hudsucker Proxy picture

Audio problem: When Norville carries Amy up to his office, he sets her down on the couch and she says "not that I would trade a day, and hour, or a moment of it" but her lips are not moving.


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Dracula picture

Audio problem: In the uncensored version (certain scenes were thought too graphic, and thus a lot of copies of the movie are edited), Dracula picks Renfield up and strangles him, and Renfield is screaming. Okay, how can someone scream if they're being strangled? (The censored version, however, works because you can't hear Renfield).


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Nosferatu picture

Audio problem: In Orlok's dining room, the clock chimes about seven times even though Orlok said minutes ago that it was almost midnight.


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The Langoliers picture

Audio problem: Another audio problem in the same scene: As Brian Engle is approaching the cockpit, there is some more muttering, presumably in this order (using actors initials: MLC: Right, Good God. PW: Is he (muffled) MLC: I know, I seem real strange. He's outta control.


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Wish Upon a Star picture

Audio problem: There is a scene when Alexia eats a muffin. On the first bite, it makes a sound as if it was hard.

Dr Wilson

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The Mummy picture

Audio problem: When Ardeth and his men attack Rick and the others during the nighttime raid, and Rick lights a stick of dynamite, Ardeth says "Enough.", but his mouth does not move.


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The Hot Chick picture

Audio problem: In the scene where April is putting the wax on Jessica's face, April makes some sort of laughing/exhaling noise. Her mouth opens slightly but not enough to make the noise.

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Rosemary's Baby picture

Audio problem: Guy flushes the toilet as he walks through the bathroom. The toilet is actually empty and the sound is an over-dub because there is no resistance on the handle when he pushes it down. Had an old toilet like that actually been full you would see the resistance in the lever as the flapper inside rises. (00:04:45)


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The Shape of Water picture

Audio problem: When Michael Shannon fires his gun, you can hear bullet casings falling to the floor, as is normal with a semi-automatic pistol. However, his gun is a revolver, so the casings won't eject until the gun is opened and emptied manually before reloading. (01:07:10)

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The Nutcracker picture

Audio problem: When Drosselmeier and his fellow adviser, the astrology scholar, run into Drosselmeier's cousin and are presented with the Crackatook nut, the scholar snatches it and then exclaims, "it is a Crackatook nut!" After he finishes saying that, his mouth continues to move for an extra syllable that looks like he says nut twice.

Quantom X Premium member

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It's a Wonderful Life picture

Audio problem: When George is talking to Harry on the phone regarding being decorated with a medal of honor, he is at his office. The guy to the right of him starts to say "what is he saying?" but the audio cuts off just before he finishes "saying." The scene cuts to a closer shot of George talking, so why did the audio cut off?

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A Year Without Santa Claus picture

Audio problem: When the kid's dad and Santa are singing about believing in Santa their mouth movements do not match the music well.

Paul M Leslie

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The Green Mile picture

Audio problem: When John Coffey is found, a Sheriff holds a double barrelled shotgun to his throat, and a clicking sound is heard when it's done. It's presumed it's him cocking back the hammers on the shotgun, but if you look closely, it's a hammerless shotgun.


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