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A Cinderella Story picture

Factual error: Toward the end of the movie just as Austin and his team start the football game, the camera shows the scoreboard counting down from 15:00 minutes, the problem with this is high school football games are played in 12:00 minute quarters not 15:00.

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The Iron Giant picture

Factual error: In the scene where the Iron Giant is spinning the boy around in a junk car he is holding, notice that the car resembles a 1959 Cadillac...however since the film is set around 1957, this is not a likely car to be found anywhere yet, much less a junk yard. (00:46:20)

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Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed picture

Factual error: At one point in the film there is footage on the news of Mystery Inc's embarrassing attempt to stop the ghouls from stealing costumes. In particular, it focuses on Shaggy and Scooby being dragged across the table, etc. But look at the angle it's taken from: no one could have taken that.

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The Black Hole picture

Factual error: In the PALOMINO scenes, Anthony Perkins wears a long lab coat. In most of the scenes, it hangs straight down; but in the low gravity aboard the ship it should be flattering about (that's why such loose garments are not worn by real-life cosmonauts; they would be a hindrance).

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Quints picture

Factual error: When they are making the room for the babies, they show the months that are going by, but the mom never has a pregnant belly.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days picture

Factual error: When the boys get off the cranium shaker about ten people follow them out of the exit gate The ride only seats four.

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Rise of the Guardians picture

Factual error: When the Guardians start collecting the teeth, the skylines indicate that their first destination is Shanghai, but the billboard that the Tooth Fairy flies into is in a heavily Japanese visual style, from font weight to outlines and pastel colors. (00:37:05)


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The Pride of the Yankees picture

Factual error: When the Yankees play Boston, a dirt path is visible going from home to the pitcher's mound. Fenway Park, where the Red Sox play, has never had such a thing.

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Shrek picture

Factual error: As Shrek is sitting near the sunflowers field and staring at the Duloc (and day becomes night), we don't see the cathedral anywhere. It should be visible as such a big building, due to how big it is seen later, it should be very distinct over the houses' roofs.

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Like Mike picture

Factual error: When Calvin and Co. are tying up Bittleman so they can get Calvin's shoes back, it shows highlights from the game that's being played at that very moment between Toronto and the Knights. It shows some highlights from Vince Carter, but one of these highlights was not from the game at all. It's his windmill dunk from the actual NBA 2003 dunk comp. There are no other players on the court, only camera crew. (01:14:15)

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A Christmas Story picture

Factual error: The movie was set in the mid-to-late 1940s, however, the red wagons shown in the display in Higbee's corner window at the beginning of the film, bear a Radio Flyer script logo which was designed in 1967. (00:03:10)

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Finding Neverland picture

Factual error: In the cricket match, a number of things happen that are highly questionable. When the player is bowled, the bowler appeals, something that is only done if the umpire's opinion is required, which in this case it isn't. Even after the appeal, the umpire shakes his head, which in cricket, indicates that the batsman is not out. Only a raised finger or perhaps a nod would be out. To the uninitiated, the equivalent in baseball would be for the umpire to call "ball" and have the batsman walk off the ground as though he had struck out, instead of taking first base. (00:33:10)

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An American Tail picture

Factual error: When Fievel is being dressed by the pigeon there are two American flags in the background. The flags have too many stars for the mid 1880s, when the movie is set.

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Heavyweights picture

Factual error: The equation written on the board does not come out to be "11", in fact, it's not really solvable because it doesn't have 2 sides, just a "?" on one side.

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Garfield: The Movie picture

Factual error: When John is talking on the phone to someone who found a dog, he says something about Odie not being a hound dog, and how sure he was. Odie is part wirehair Dachshund (you can look it up - plus I own Dachshunds), which is from the hound breed.

Joshua Skains

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Rocketman picture

Factual error: Why do the astronauts on Mars and the crew on Earth have the conversations as they do on the phone? A message sent from Earth would take about 20 minutes to arrive at Mars and vice-versa.

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What A Girl Wants picture

Factual error: During any British election, the Queen avoids making public appearances in order to avoid influencing the election turnout. She usually stays at Windsor castle and would not have hosted such events as the garden party.

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The Karate Kid III picture

Factual error: The storyline in Karate Kid 3, based on the happenings and reference points of the first two movies, is supposed to take place roughly about late 1984, or early 1985. However, if you look close at the beginning of the film when Terry Silver drops off John Kreese at the airport, there are several cars that are definitely later 80's models.

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The Music Man picture

Factual error: Professor Harold Hill asks the mothers of River City about their sons, "Is he starting to memorize jokes from 'Captain Billy's Whiz Bang?'" While the film is set in 1912, the first issue of the pulp magazine, "Captain Billy's Whiz Bang," did not appear until 1919. "Whiz Bang" was a term coined by soldiers in World War I (commencing in 1914), which referred to a rocket that "whizzed" by and exploded with a "bang." (00:20:00)

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The Polar Bear King picture

Factual error: The movie is set in the Middle Ages. Therefore, the traders who come to the Winterland to sell their goods must be quite ahead of their time to carry fairly modern lighters. (00:04:20)


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