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Madonna: Truth or Dare picture

Factual error: When Madonna greets her audience for the kick-off night of the Blond Ambition World Tour in Tokyo, we're actually seeing the second show, not the first.

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Bowling for Columbine picture Bowling for Columbine mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The speech that Moore claims/shows then NRA president Charlton Heston giving in Colorado is actually several speeches edited into one. Note how Heston's clothing changes between cuts during this speech.

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Triumph of the Will picture

Continuity mistake: There's one peaceful scene where the point of view is from a boat drifting down a canal in town. As the boat drifts, it passes by some sort of monument, and a very clear full-body shadow of the camera man and camera is visible against the monument.

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Revealing mistake: When De Silva's men start to celebrate after they start building the ramp and the Zealots throw boulders down at them from Masada, the boulders bounce after hitting the ground. Big boulders like those should definitely break, not bounce.

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What the #$*! Do We Know!? picture

Continuity mistake: When the main character lady is having a drink with a guy at the wedding, she drops her little yellow umbrella on the floor. The guy gives her his pink umbrella. The shot switches and they both have umbrellas in their glasses, the guy has his pink one, and the girl has her yellow one.


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Fahrenheit 9/11 picture

Factual error: A headline from the Pantagraph (an Illinois newspaper) dated 19 December 2001, is shown in big letters to read, "Latest Florida recount shows Gore won election." In fact, no edition of the Pentagraph has ever featured an article that claimed this. The only time those words appeared in that newspaper was in small print over a letter to the editor dated 5 December 2001.

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Go Further picture

Continuity mistake: The movie is a documentary about a road trip from Seattle to Santa Barbara in chronological and geographical order. After passing Santa Cruz they were suddenly in Garberville and then Hopland, both north of San Francisco. They then resumed their trip south of Santa Cruz.

Wayne C.

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Stop Making Sense picture

Audio problem: During the song 'Found A Job' (about 30/60 secs. in?) a cymbal crash can be heard, but the drummer doesn't hit a cymbal. Later on, the error is reversed (drummer hits cymbal but no crash is heard).

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Earth picture

Factual error: Cranes are shown crossing the Himalayas, then a reference is made that the snow melts giving life to the rivers in Asia, but the footage shown is of the Angel Falls in the Amazon Jungle in Venezuela where there is no snow. (00:50:40)


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Word Wars picture

Factual error: Near the beginning a Scrabble rack is shown containing tiles with the words "GET A FORD." Scrabble racks are limited to 7 tiles and this is 8. This rack cannot exist in Scrabble.

Wayne C.

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Suggested correction: Hi. The rack in question was showing an advertisement from the 1950s which featured a Scrabble rack. So, while it is true that GET A ford would not be a legal Scrabble wasn't from an actual game.

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And Justice for All picture

Factual error: When the helicopter crashes in the water, it is most obviously dropped straight down from a crane. Even though it ran out of gas, the rotor blades would still be turning somewhat.

William Bergquist

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Man on Wire picture

Factual error: In the scenes of the world, when they show the plane flying between destinations, the location of Dublin in Ireland should be at least 50 miles further north along the coastline, as Dublin is not on the south coast of Ireland.

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March of the Penguins picture

Audio problem: When the giant petrel bird attacks the penguin chick, the bird noise is that of a skua not a giant petrel.

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Jackass Number Two picture

Audio problem: At the end when the guys are singing the musical number, Steve-O is coming up from the water saying "Now" but he is saying it backwards making it obvious the scene was reversed.

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The Big One picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the geoligist's husband calls her from the L.A. airport to say he's going to try to make it home, a strong aftershock collapses the wall that the pay phone is mounted on - as this occurs you can see cables attached to the wall pulling it over.

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Catfish picture

Continuity mistake: The Google Earth Streetview route shown through downtown Chicago (I-94/90) is not part of the computer-plotted route from O'Hare Airport to Ishpeming which they used. It would have been a long detour from the suggested path laid out for them. (00:34:30)

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The Last Waltz picture

Continuity mistake: Throughout the whole film you can see that Rick Danko's bass playing has been completely redone. What he's playing and what you hear are completely different things.

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In the Shadow of the Moon picture

Factual error: The movie is set in Philadelphia, but the bus at the beginning crashes at a crossroad in front of the fast food joint Admiral Submarine, a recognizable location in Brantford, Ontario, where the movie was shot. (00:05:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Jackass 3D picture

Continuity mistake: In electric avenue scene, the number of wood bars the cast has to go around changes from two to four.

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