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Stupidity: In the scene in the KNX broadcast studio, the engineer gets Bob Crane's attention by banging on the control room glass. An engineer would more likely speak to the DJ by flipping a talk switch and speaking into a mic, and the DJ would hear him in his headphones.

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Stupidity: When she leaves him at home with a sandwich she says people will come check on him. When she gets home and he's not there, she doesn't go and ask those people where he is.

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Stupidity: When Doss buried the wounded soldier, leaving one eye out made no sense. It did nothing to help him. All it did was make it easier for the Japanese to spot him. It would've made sense to leave his nose and/or mouth out, so he could breathe. He did not need to see.


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Suggested correction: A person who is unable to see is more likely to panic. When Doss buried the wounded Marine, he asked him to take a deep breath and trust him. By leaving one eye open, it allowed him to see the gravity of the situation as IJA soldiers walked by and maintain eye contact with Doss who hid under a dead Marine. After the suspicious IJA soldier bayoneted the body over Doss, he looked directly at where the wounded man was buried and kept walking. It was a crude method, but it likely saved them both.


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Stupidity: While awaiting their flight home, Nancy told Teri, "Think I miscalculated the tea. I'm not gonna last three-and-a-half hours [on the non-stop flight with no restroom facility]." Nancy then went into the gift shop where Stuart Couch introduced himself, asked if he could get her a drink, and bought her a bottle of beer. Nancy drank at least some of the beer on screen, even though she was already concerned about drinking tea before her flight. (00:59:28 - 01:00:30)


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