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Cleopatra picture

Revealing mistake: When Caesar's ship arrives in the Alexandria marketplace, he tells his men to "go marketing" rather than force their way through the crowd with swords. Rufio says "you're not serious?" He then silently mouths along with Caesar's reply, "We shall shop our way to the palace steps." (00:11:30)

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American Me picture

Revealing mistake: When the man has to kill his brother, on the side of a road, as he strangles his brother with the rope you can see that the rope is not around his neck, but actually behind his neck.

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Lawrence of Arabia picture

Revealing mistake: Near the beginning, after the corporal has burned his finger and tells the other corporal that Lawrence is balmy, O'Toole begins to run up the stairs to meet with a general. After O'Toole is out of view of the camera, you can tell he has stopped running up the stairs by his shadow on the wall not moving, because he knows that the director is about to shout "cut".

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Catch Me If You Can picture

Revealing mistake: In the Atlanta party scene, we are supposed to believe it starts with a single long take. However there is a sneaky edit when Frank crosses the threshold of the room. He emerges at a slighty quicker pace and his hair is suddenly messed up. (01:10:35)

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Suggested correction: There is nothing obvious in this scene that supports this. When he emerges on the other side, he bumps into his friend so suddenly that you can't tell if he was walking at a different pace. The reason his hair is messed up is because he bumps into his friend. He then yells at his friend, jerking his head around as he does so, which messes up his hair even further, which can be seen.

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The Greatest Story Ever Told picture

Revealing mistake: At the very end, a violent storm engulfs Jerusalem and the people viewing the crucifixion. In the close ups, you can see rain falling, but no one appears to be getting wet.

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The Pursuit of Happyness picture

Revealing mistake: After Chris and his son learn that there are no more rooms in the shelter, the crowd begins to disperse. One homeless man touches a parking meter which moves easily, like a lightweight prop. (01:40:55)

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Ali picture

Revealing mistake: When Ali is in the rain on the pay phone at the motel it is a modern phone, not from the era they were trying to portray.

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Ruffian picture

Revealing mistake: In most of the scenes of the film, the famous filly is impersonated by a colt.

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The Social Network picture

Revealing mistake: When Mark gets a nasty note from a Harvard classmate and storms out of a computer class, a directory sign saying "USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences" (ie. University of Southern California, not Harvard) can easily be seen on the hallway wall through the door as he opens it and walks out.

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Get Rich or Die Tryin' picture

Revealing mistake: When Majestic is discussing killing the police to Marcus, the shot of the Uptown station house has the same figure ascending its steps in both shots, revealing that one shot was used twice instead of actually using two separate shots of the same location.

Low Cow
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Valkyrie picture

Revealing mistake: When Tom Cruise and Bill Nighy go to see Tom Wilkinson for the first time there are 2 reverse shots from behind Tom and Bill - if you look you can see Tom's hand is still there - it has been digitally removed in all other shots.

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Jobs picture

Revealing mistake: A reporter is interviewing Jobs using an old analogue tape deck recorder - the reporter says he's recording, and a red light is on the hand held tape deck unit, but the tape and its spools are not spinning - the unit is not switched on. (00:53:00)

Dominic Allen
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Midnight Express picture

Revealing mistake: Watch carefully during the fight scene between Billy and Rifki, you can see the stuntmen a few times.

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The Krays picture

Revealing mistake: When the Krays are boxing for the first time, their mum comes in to break them up. She runs up to the ring where a member of the crowd holds the middle rope lower to help her get in the ring. The problem is, he pulls the rope before he sees her making her way to the ring. It can't be a coincidence as he lets go as soon as she's in the ring. (00:26:30)

Ssiscool Premium member
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Senna picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene at the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix, the shot on board Senna's car is taken from qualifying, not the race. This can be shown in the shot after Senna hits the wall, as no on board camera is visible.

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Marshall picture

Revealing mistake: Back at his NAACP homebase, Marshall meets with the boss who is already sending him to deal with another case. In the close-up of the newspaper he's reading, check out between the actor's fingers. You can tell that half of the article, which begins in English, suddenly switches into Latin 'lorem ipsum' filler text. (00:06:20)

Sammo Premium member
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Saving Mr. Banks picture

Revealing mistake: Whenever Ralph is driving Travers in the limousine and the exterior of the car is seen in a long shot, there is no one riding in it other than the driver. From every view point of the windows that can be seen, there is no passenger inside where Travers is supposed to be seated.

raywest Premium member
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Wyatt Earp picture

Revealing mistake: During the bison shooting scene, a bison goes down close to the camera and both horns jiggle like they're about to fall off. Looks quite fake.

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Lone Survivor picture

Revealing mistake: When Mark Wahlberg removes the shrapnel from his leg, it is pretty obvious that it is a fake leg. If you look at and compare its dimensions to the rest of his body, you can see that that would be the leg of a giant man. The thigh is way too long, and the whole leg is way too big for his body. You can also tell by his body posture that his real leg goes into the couch he is sitting on.

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Jersey Boys picture

Revealing mistake: Tommy picks up a chair and breaks it on a desk, but the chair breaks just before contact. (01:25:30)

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