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Raging Bull picture

Jake La Motta: Who's an animal? Your mother's an animal, ya son of a bitch.

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Joseph: King of Dreams picture

Rachel: Jacob, even God rested on the seventh day. He'll find his future soon enough. Let him be with his brothers.

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Battle of the Sexes picture

Cuthbert 'Ted' Tinling: Now I have to ask, do you really intend to inflict blue suede shoes on ninety million members of the viewing public?
Billie Jean King: If they're good enough for Elvis, they're good enough for me.

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Man on the Moon picture

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Kaufman, did you come here to wrestle or act like an ass?

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Lady Jane picture

Doctor Feckenham: The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible. At there arriving, she is assured of bliss, and forever dwells in paradise.

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I Shot Andy Warhol picture

Andy Warhol: So Candy, how often do you get your period?
Candy Darling: Every day. I'm such a woman.

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42 (2013)

42 picture

Leo Durocher: If Robinson can help us win, then he is gonna play on this ball club.

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10 Rillington Place picture

Beryl Evans: What's that for?
John Reginald Christie: Just a whiff of gas.
Beryl Evans: Gas?
John Reginald Christie: Like at the dentists, take away those little twinges.
Beryl Evans: But that's poisonous isn't it?
John Reginald Christie: Not the way we use it, something we had to learn in the war.

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The Last Days of Patton picture

General George S. Patton Jr.: There's never been a better chance of producing a war in Europe than we have right now... WIth the German troops I'm holding and my own men, I can push the Russians all the way back to Moscow.

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Hitler: The Last Ten Days picture

Josef Goebbels: The heart of Germany has ceased to beat. The fuhrer is dead.

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The Last Emperor picture

Pu Yi, at 15: Who is this George Washington?
Reginald Fleming 'R.J.' Johnston: A famous American, your majesty. A revolutionary general, the first American president.
Pu Yi, at 15: Ah, like Mr. Lenin in Russia?
Reginald Fleming 'R.J.' Johnston: Not quite.
Pu Yi, at 15: Does he have a car?
Reginald Fleming 'R.J.' Johnston: He lived a long time ago, your majesty.
Pu Yi, at 15: I want a car.

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Shock and Awe picture

John Walcott: We do not write for the people who send people's kids to war. We write for the people whose kids get sent to war.

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Welcome to Marwen picture

Suzette: Does she have a cow?
Cap'n Hogie: Got caught in the crossfire. Cow-lateral damage.

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Truman picture

Bess Truman: I think like Harry - if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.

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Coal Miner's Daughter picture

Ted Webb: I ain't ever gonna see you again.
Loretta Lynn: Yes you will, daddy.
Ted Webb: Maybe, but I ain't never gonna see my little girl again.

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Druids picture

Julius Ceasar: When Alexander the Great was ten years younger than I am today, he had conquered the entire civilized world.
Vercingetorix: At your age, he was dead.
Julius Ceasar: All the more reason to hurry.

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What's Love Got to Do with It picture

Judge: I want you to be very sure about this. This means you're gonna walk out of here with absolutely nothing.
Tina Turner: Except my name. I'll give up all that other stuff, but only if I get to keep my name. I've worked too hard for it, your honor.
Ike Turner, Sr.: The name is mine. The name got my daddy's blood on it. If she wanna go, she can go wherever she wanna go, but the name stays home.

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Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle picture

Dorothy Parker: I'll wear my heart on my sleeve like a wet, red stain.

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