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Ratchet and Clank picture

Plot hole: When Drek lands in New Quartu, birds are heard chirping. It is unknown how they survived each planet's destruction.

Roman Curiel

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Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix picture

Plot hole: I can somewhat understand that in a kiddies' show all aliens can inexplicably speak English - but using Terranean (i.e.: Arabian) numbers as well? While Tetrax's computer uses alien runes, the readout on Gluto's holographic HUDs use Arabic numbers - somewhat a bit too deliberate a producer choice to emphasize intergalactic communication.

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Chicken Little picture

Plot hole: Even if Chicken Little was tagged out when he hit home plate, the game was already tied so his team would still have a chance to win the pennant.

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Monsters University picture

Plot hole: The first team that gets eliminated in the scare games cheats but Dean Hardscrabble hardly seems to care. Oozma Kappa cheats and she has all of them expelled.

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Scaredy Cat picture

Plot hole: When Porky walks up the stairs to his bedroom, Sylvester is clinging on to his back, still terrified. When Porky is in his room, he has somehow removed his clothes with Sylvester still clinging on to his back.

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The Little Cars in the Great Race picture

Plot hole: Cruise leaves Lugnut to go buy he and Coupe some seats and mere seconds after leaving, Coupe appears in the scene and talks with Lugnut. Coupe asks if he has seen Cruise, but even if Cruise had already left to go buy tickets, Coupe would have already seen him when approaching Lugnut since she only arrived seconds after he left. (00:09:15)

Casual Person

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Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation picture

Plot hole: During the climax with Van Helsing and the Kraken the writers of the film seemed to have forgotten about the powers Dracula has always had. At no point does his super speed or indestructibility ever come into play, he could have easily climbed up to the DJ booth and dealt with Van Helsing in seconds instead of going through the silly DJ battle.


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Suggested correction: The kraken was faster and stronger than Dracula, if you watched he kept trying to reach the DJ booth and fight but was stopped each time and nearly crushed. It was said that the kraken was extremely strong and the only thing that could subdue him was a more powerful song than the other.

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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life picture

Plot hole: Rafe is not a supernatural being, and besides not suffering any fatigue at all missing his sleep to do his pranks, some are outright impossible to execute and perform overnight for a person of his age (most likely for an adult in their prime too). Covering the entire hall and corridors, plus the principal's office, with post-it stickers requires a ridiculous amount of stickers to begin with, and arranging them creatively covering the whole walls, floor to ceiling, so that they create drawings, is an insane concept. Even more insane when it's the opening prank, anything he does later in the movie including the big movie finale requires less labor and time than his first act did.

Sammo Premium member

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Freedom Fighters: The Ray picture

Plot hole: When The Ray is injured on Earth X and has Red Tornado's cortex, he escapes by Vibe sending him into a portal to safety. However it is evident that Vibe doesn't know where he sent The Ray or where he would be going as later he's trying hard, searching the multiverse for him. Yet somehow The Ray is able to go across universes and winds up coming out right at Earth 1's Ray's feet to transfer his powers over to Ray and give him the Cortex. This makes no sense. The Ray can't control Vibe's powers or where he sends him, so he would have had no way of making himself exit the portal in Ray's back yard. And if Vibe sent him there on purpose, he wouldn't have been struggling to figure out where he went. The only way it makes sense at all is for it to be the most massive co-incidence possibly imaginable where he accidentally was sent to another universe and happen to come out right at the feet of that universe' version of himself. None of it adds up. (00:09:50 - 00:16:50)

Quantom X Premium member

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