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Hotel Transylvania picture

Plot hole: Frankie makes reference to fear of fire early in the movie in the scene with all the guests arriving at the hotel. And in the scene in the local village with the monster festival, a single match is used to send him on a rampage. But throughout scenes in the hotel itself, there are lit candles, candelabras and torches throughout, most noticeably in Mavis' room during the scene where her monster friends (Frankie included) are addressing her idea of going to a human village. None of this fire affects Frankie at all.

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The Addams Family picture

Plot hole: Throughout the movie, the behaviour of the gate does not seem quite consistent; Gomez has to feed meat to it to distract it to let the camera crew out...but they came in just fine and on their own. Same for the angry mob at the end.

Sammo Premium member

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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius picture

Plot hole: When the aliens kidnap the adults, the kids are left behind. But all the kids seen are around 11 and younger. Where are the teenagers or young adults? None of them are during the celebration scene nor in the arena on the alien planet.

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Mater and the Ghostlight picture

Plot hole: Mater tells McQueen he moved and looked like he just saw the Ghostlight. Sheriff gets on to Mater for talking about the Ghostlight and then their whole plan falls into place to trick and scare Mater with the blue lantern. Only there's no way they would have known that Mater would have mentioned the Ghostlight after that. McQueen didn't know about it, supposedly. And he had been scared by Mater and had been there enough that he would have known if Mater had mentioned it before, and Mater would have known he told McQueen. (00:01:55)

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Escape from Planet Earth picture

Plot hole: Gerry's wife uses a rocket boot to break through a window and then slides down a curved wall to get to their son. She does so gracefully and takes off running. Gerry slides and takes a hard tumble and rolls down, landing on the ground. The next shot shows Gerry running behind his wife and not too far away as they reach their son. Even if it was to show a little time passing, there was not enough distance between where they broke the window and their son for Gerry to have picked himself up and catch up to his wife before reaching their son, especially with his wife being a worried mom doing a full on sprint to her kid.

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Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero picture

Plot hole: Batman finds at Belson's home a handwritten list of substances needed for a transplant. Why would Belson, a medical authority in the field that knows those things thoroughly, even write a list down? If it's for Freeze to procure him the material, why would it be at his house and not with him, and when did he even have time to be at home to do that, since he has been kidnapped by Freeze when he was driving on the outskirts of Gotham and taken to the oil rig? If he had time to go home, he at least would have changed clothes, he's still in the tuxedo he wore when he was kidnapped the night before.

Sammo Premium member

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Appleseed Alpha picture

Plot hole: The main plot of the film involves Iris and Olson's mission: Destroying the Mobile Fortress 000. But Iris is a special gynoid. Her primary function is to activate the Mobile Fortress. The antagonist of this film could unleash calamity if he had Iris and the fortress. So, which idiot has sent Iris on this mission? The logical course was to send a demolition team, or better yet, send no-one at all. Anything is better than sending the activation key outside the safety of the Olympus.


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JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time picture

Plot hole: When Karate Kid accidentally frees Lex Luthor from the ice in the future, Lex just hops up with no problem and starts walking around perfectly fine after being frozen solid for 1000 years. Yet when they go back in time and then later free him from the same ice in the past, Dawnstar has to revive him so he can get up, and even after being revived, he is weak. Yet in the future, he came out of the ice perfectly fine and stole the Time Keeper. (00:11:10 - 00:37:20)

Quantom X Premium member

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Ice Age: Collision Course picture Video

Plot hole: When the dome of crystal collapses, all the animals inside immediately grow old, including Brook, implying that the magic from the crystals is completely gone. However, when a tiny piece of crystal lands in the hot spring, it creates a 'fountain of youth' which the animals then bathe in to regain their youth. If that little piece of crystal worked, then why didn't the many crystals from the broken dome still work? Also, how is Brook able to leave the fountain of youth and go looking for Sid at the end of the movie without growing old?

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G.I. Joe: The Movie picture

Plot hole: After being hit with the spores, Cobra Commander cannot walk or even move very well with any speed at all. The Cobra minions have to drag him to their prison with the Joes and just leave him there on the ground after the Joes make a break for it. The Joes go quite a distance to engage Cobra. Road Block is delayed only a couple seconds behind the other Joes when he is grabbed, but knocks out the minion who grabbed him. Suddenly, Cobra Commander is at his feet telling him to wait because it's a trap. Later, Road Block has to carry Cobra Commander because he still can't move much. There's no way Cobra Commander could have caught up with Road Block to warn him of the trap. (00:52:50)

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Iron Man: Rise of Technovore picture

Plot hole: Nick Fury wants to detain Tony as he is the only witness. Tony takes off and Nick Fury even says to apprehend him so their only witness isn't killed. Yet when the S.H.I.E.L.D. robots confront Tony at Pepper's vacation spot, they say they are authorized to use deadly force against Tony. And Nick Fury even orders them to fire when Tony resists. If they need Tony to keep their only witness alive, why try to kill him when he doesn't cooperate? (00:31:05)

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Watership Down picture

Plot hole: Perhaps the biggest plot hole in the movie is centered about the reappearance of the Owsla officer Holly. Even if the warren was destroyed right after Hazel's band had departed, Holly would not have caught up with them right before the new warren at Watership Down - even with the delay at Cowslip's warren - with the additional detour in Efrafa, considering that acquiring the amount of information he got from its organization would take more than just one or two days. In addition, Richard Adam's novel, on which this movie is based, features the location of Efrafa some distance away from the down, nowhere between it and the Sandlefort warren (Hazel's and Fiver's home). In fact, Holly went to Efrafa (along with a missionary group of Hazel's band) some time after they had settled down in the new warren.

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Monster House picture

Plot hole: When DJ gets the call from the house and shows the babysitter, DJ hands her the phone without pressing any buttons and the phone starts to ring.

richard dryja

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Puss in Boots picture Video

Plot hole: When Puss is being sent to prison near the end of the film a shot is shown of Softpaws effortlessly holding a golden egg with one hand. However, back in the giant's castle none of them were able to carry a single egg without help.

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Flushed Away picture

Plot hole: It's one thing to have a small amount of liquid nitrogen (about the size of a standard propane tank, by the looks of it from the Fridge scene), but where did the gallons upon gallons of it during the climactic flood scene come from?

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Surf's Up picture

Plot hole: One scene has Cody and his family being interviewed about Cody being in the race. But Cody left way before they found out he would be in it. How could Cody have gone back to Shiverpool before the race for the interview?

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Futurama: Bender's Big Score picture

Plot hole: At the end, none of the duplicate Benders that are waiting in the limestone cavern under the Planet Express building have had their Obedience Virus or the time code deleted from them. There should have been only one Bender without the Obedience Virus, not all of them.

Casual Person

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Despicable Me picture

Plot hole: When Gru and his minions step out of the vault with the shrink ray he notices Vector walking by. Even if they managed to get inside the air duct before being seen by Vector in those few short seconds they didn't have the time to close the vault door as well without being noticed.

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Pokemon: The Movie 2000 picture

Plot hole: After Slowking asks Ash if he has the third treasure, Ash says "Here it is, Slowking." How did Ash know that the Pokemon was a Slowking? He had never even seen one before that time.

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Home on the Range picture

Plot hole: In the scene where the Sheriff stops the cows' brawl, he gives them to the Chinese man. The Sheriff knows what Pearl's animals look like, so why didn't he recognize the cows as Pearl's?

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