Best animated movie plot holes of all time

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire picture

Plot hole: There is no way that 'coast of Iceland' could ever have been mistranslated as 'coast of Ireland'. For this to have happened, they would have had to have thought that the 'C' rune was an 'R' rune, but they had already deciphered the word 'coast', so they knew what the 'C' rune was. The 'O's are the same rune and the 'A's are the same rune, plus there is one rune for every letter, so it it's a direct letter-by-letter translation.


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Toy Story 2 picture

Plot hole: At the end when the gang get home to Andy's room, it's night time and the luggage trolley they drove home in is outside the neighbour's house. The next morning it's still there. But we see an ad with the 'chicken man' looking very sad because he lost Woody and the others. How could he have gone to Tokyo, realised the dolls were missing, then zoomed back to Tri County to do the ad the next day? While saving Woody, the toys explicitly say that Andy is returning home the following morning. They must have made it in one night, or they would have missed Andy's return.

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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox picture

Plot hole: After Reverse Flash saves Lois Lane and kills all the Amazons that were attacking her, he disappears, just before a group of resistance fighters shows up. They know that they didn't take out any of the Amazons, it's obvious that Lois didn't kill them, yet the resistance members show no concern as to who was responsible. The war involves three separate groups, the resistance, the Amazons and the Atlanteans, each of whom is equally hostile to the other two. As such, the resistance cannot assume that whoever killed the Amazons must be an ally and let their guard down, as it could easily have been an Atlantean force, who would make no distinction between the Amazons and the resistance and would attack them on sight. An experienced resistance team would not be so casual about the situation. (00:40:50)

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Shrek 2 picture

Plot hole: It is apparent that Shrek and Donkey have never traveled to the land of Far Far Away, yet Donkey immediately recognizes the "old Keeblers' place" when he should have no idea where it is or what it looks like.

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Cool World picture

Plot hole: At the end of the movie, when Lonette comes across Frank's dead body, she asks Nails what happened. Nails tells Lonette that he was pushed off a building by Holly Wood. Lonette then asks if Holly was in doodle form when she killed Frank. Nail says she was. There would be no way for Nails to know either of these things as he was trapped in the fountain pen when Frank died and wasn't released until the Spike Of Power was removed.

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The Jungle Book 2 picture

Plot hole: In the first Jungle Book movie, the role of the vultures is that they do not seem to be hesitant when helping the boy, Mowgli in need of help from Shere Khan. However, in this movie, when their obnoxious vulture friend is attacked by Shere Khan, they do absolutely nothing to help him and in fact, fly away cowardly. Did they suddenly lose all of their courage?

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Valiant picture

Plot hole: How can Valiant have such a hard time lifting the key to rescue Bugsy but easily knock the missiles down, lift the clippers, and push down the lever in the mill?

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Animal Treasure Island picture

Plot hole: Major plot leak: How could Flint's ship get into the lake atop a tall volcano all in one piece? If he wanted to merely hide the treasure in order to recover it later, the whole setup, including the lake's draining system, would be totally unnecessary, and it looks all too deliberate for the ship to be sitting in the lake by accident (say, thrown in by a violent storm).

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Brother Bear picture

Plot hole: When the two moose run after Kenai and Koda asking for protection from the hunter, they talk about Denahi following their paw prints and Kenai looks behind him at the paw print. But if the moose followed their paw prints, wouldn't there be hoof prints as well?

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Over the Hedge picture

Plot hole: When RJ and Verne are sailing down with the parachute, RJ drops the empty chips can. Then you see how the can hits the dark haired woman's car, followed by the impact of the cart. Since the cart began to fall much earlier, it should have hit the car way before the can.

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Spirited Away picture

Plot hole: When her father is taking the "shortcut" he somehow doesn't need to shift gears even though he has a manual transmission. At the speed he was at he should be in at least 2nd gear.

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Bee Movie picture

Plot hole: Vanessa seems upset at Barry when their actions at getting the honey back from the humans result in the flowers and other plants dying. One might think that Vanessa, as a florist, would know the outcome and would warn Barry instead of helping him with his plan. Yet she appears to blame him for the entire outcome when it becomes apparent.

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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs picture

Plot hole: After the dinosaur kids wrecked the playground, Manny tells Sid, "Whatever they are, take them back" and someone says "What are they?" as well. Later, when Mummy Dinosaur appears, Ellie says, "I thought those guys were extinct!" and one minute later Manny says, "She's a dinosaur!" How could they possibly not see that the kids were dinosaurs if they already knew about dinosaurs in the first place?


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Suggested correction: They weren't sure about the baby dinosaurs' species because dinosaurs were thought to be extinct. The mother dinosaur eventually showing up, with her more convincing dinosaur properties of being much larger and menacing-looking, convinces them otherwise.


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The Wild picture

Plot hole: A tugboat that size does not have the fuel to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

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Kung Fu Panda 3 picture

Plot hole: In Kung Fu Panda 2, Shen says he waited 30 years since he destroyed the Panda village, and Po was just a baby at the time. However, in Kung Fu Panda 3 Mr. Ping says he raised Po for 20 years before he told him he was adopted. (00:31:15)


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The Croods picture

Plot hole: When Grug is trying to escape from the explosion behind him he sees Douglas and says "Douglas! Hey I know that guy!" This is not possible since he neither knew the name of the creature or was nowhere around when Douglas was with Thunk.

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Robin Hood picture

Plot hole: After Little John bores a hole in the bottom of the treasure box, several gold coins fall through the hole. The four rhinos holding the box should have noticed it becoming lighter.

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Recess: School's Out picture

Plot hole: Summer vacation couldn't be taken away just because it is winter, (or just snowy), they could just go by the date.

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Tarzan picture

Plot hole: Kerchak is mad with Tarzan because he showed Jane, Porter and Clayton to the gorilla's current location. Yet he does not move the group even though he obviously knows they're no longer safe there.

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Suggested correction: He does actually move the group later on in the movie. Then they get ambushed by the hunters and he is killed.

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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water picture

Plot hole: Plankton replaces the secret formula with another message in a bottle, but later, when Spongebob catches him, he is replacing the bottles again.


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Suggested correction: No, he is not. It might appear like he's about to do it due to the way Plankton and the bottles are similarly positioned as in the shot mentioned before, but there is nothing that indicates that he was about to repeat the same action. He had only picked up the bottle with the secret formula that he had pushed off from the pressure plate, he was then surprised to be caught by Spongebob so he accidentally knocked over the bottle he replaced the secret formula with. Also, when he accidentally knocked over the bottle, he didn't place the bottle he was holding on to back on top of the pressure plate to disable the alarm since it would mean returning the bottle with the secret formula back to its original spot.


Also, when it shows it when it happens about a few days or so ago, he doesn't knock it over.

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