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The Cannonball Run picture

Deliberate mistake: In the last sprint towards the finish line, before they have to race on foot, the Lamborghini passes Fenderbaum and Blake. The red Ferrari they are supposed to be driving, is on the bed of a truck being towed. Notice the height difference between the two cars; about ten seconds later the two cars are pretty similar in height. (01:23:05)


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Six Days, Seven Nights picture

Deliberate mistake: The drug smuggler's boat is moving ahead quickly when they are shooting at the repaired plane. But when the shell returns to earth, the boat is stationary.


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Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms picture

Deliberate mistake: When Hellboy is attacked by the spider-lady, as the spiders begin to descend on him to steal the sword, you can easily tell that some of the shots of the spiders coming down are repeated 2 or even 3 times, and simply flopped horizontally to appear different.

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Runaway Train picture

Deliberate mistake: The entire plot wouldn't exist without this one, but just before the engineer stumbles out the door and falls off, he pulls the big red lever on the left side of the cab. In the real world this puts the air brake system into its emergency mode. Among other things, this mode trips a solenoid which causes the engine to return to idle, and the electrical system to not put out power. Neither the Diesel engine nor the electrical system will respond to control inputs until/unless the air system is reset.

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Swiss Family Robinson picture

Deliberate mistake: Fritz rescues the mud-trapped zebra and Roberta rides it across the island to the tree house, then again later in the race. Zebras, however, cannot be domesticated or ridden. To film these scenes, Disney & Co. painted a white horse with zebra stripes. (01:20:00 - 01:46:30)

Jean G

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Three Amigos picture

Deliberate mistake: In the final battle where El Guapo's men are fighting the townspeople, look closely to see that they are really just fighting Lucky, Dusty, and Ned. When the towns people appear, their outfits are very different from the real Amigos.

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Shanghai Knights picture

Deliberate mistake: When the platform Jackie and Rathbone are on falls, you can see a shot of a restraint snapping out of the floor. Two cuts later is the same shot, just flipped horizontally.

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The Amazing Spider-Man picture

Deliberate mistake: When Connors becomes a humongous Lizard, his robe magically grows from a Medium size to an XXL. (01:06:50 - 01:17:45)

Sacha Premium member

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The Rundown picture

Deliberate mistake: When Beck and Travis dive off the road and roll down hill, their stunt doubles are quite noticeable in many of the shots down the hill. (00:26:35)


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Hero picture

Deliberate mistake: Although the first account of what happened in Zhao isn't completely true, the arrows penetrating the calligraphy school are sometimes flying at angles that make their trajectory impossible, such as arrows flying perpendicular to the ground or even flying upward.

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Zathura picture

Deliberate mistake: The turn count for Lisa's stay in the Cryogenic Sleep Chamber is off. The card reads she should be there for 5 turns. 'Turn' can either represent a single move made by either Danny or Walter, or a complete game cycle where both Danny and Walter have made a move. If we count the turns by player, it comes to 8 and she's awake 2 turns too late as it should have happened at the start of 6th. If we count both players' moves together as a start of a turn, then she's awake 2 turns too early as its turn 4 and not turn 6. It seems obvious from showing us the shower suddenly start up that this is the correct point in the film they wanted her awake, so it's unlikely she was actually awake off-camera during the Astronaut's arrival and we just didn't see.

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Goldfinger picture

Deliberate mistake: When we first encounter Tilly Masterson, she overtakes Bond and he decides not to pursue her. Then, when Goldfinger has stopped, Bond is actually ahead of her as she nearly hits him with a rifle shot. Given that most Swiss passes are single carriageways, surely Bond would have noticed her had she parked earlier. (00:33:30)

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The Sword in the Stone picture

Deliberate mistake: When Arthur is drawing letters of the alphabet, he only draws the outside of the letter A, not the horizontal stroke in the middle, yet it appears on the blackboard.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End picture

Deliberate mistake: Below deck aboard the Pearl, when Will says, "You make your choices in lifeĀ…," and later, when Elizabeth and Will are on the beach, Elizabeth's eye makeup and curled up lashes are very apparent in her close-ups.

Super Grover Premium member

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The Mummy picture

Deliberate mistake: The shot of Ardeth and his companions watching Rick leave Hamunuptra at the start of the film is reused again when Rick, Evie, Jonathan and the Warden re-enter Hamunuptra, although the reused shot has a blue filter over it. Ardeth even says exactly the same line he says in the original shot, but it is subtitled differently.


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The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course picture

Deliberate mistake: When the lady is supposedly in the water with the crocodile, you can see that it isn't her. It is actually Steve in a fat suit and wig.

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Tristan & Isolde picture

Deliberate mistake: The first time the warriors ride out during the full moon, the shot of the moon shows that it is in the phase of "half moon".

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Johnny English picture

Deliberate mistake: When you see one of Pascal's henchmen turn off the power, he is wearing a black suit. In the reflection of the glass on the power box, you can see 'Police' written on the jacket. The filmmaker chose this suit because it was black, thinking no one would see the police logo on it.

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Saturn 3 picture

Deliberate mistake: When Adam kills himself and Hector at the end, the explosion sends a lot of water and parts of Hector into the air. But there is no sign of Adam's blood, body parts or clothing, despite the fact that the bomb was strapped to him. (01:16:10)


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Digimon: The Movie picture

Deliberate mistake: Some of the text in this movie is in English, but some is in Japanese. Most noticeable when Tai writes the letter to Sora.

Brad Premium member

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